Crossfit meets Yoga

Saw this on the Whole WOD World blog this morning and it was too funny not to share.  Besides its the first video that wasn’t titled “Star Wars The Force Awakens: Trailer 2” that I’ve watched in the last 24 hours or so. It’s a reminder that to not take things too seriously.  This is […]


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Box Visits: Worth It?

So I have received the “thanks for checking us out” emails and am into the visiting phase of my research. In my view, the most important viewpoint for even doing a trial run at their Crossfit box. Working around a family, two kids, a job, commuting to and from Boston has been challenging but I’ve […]

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Socially, Social, & Crossfit

Here’s the thing. I’m 41.  I was around when social media meant going to the shared, home ROTARY phone and calling up a few friends and see who was home.  If you weren’t in “the know” at school, you spend Friday wondering where the party was.  That’s why the mall was so interesting cause you’d […]

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You’ve Got My Info, Now I Wait

It’s one thing to move past the research phase and start going to various Crossfit boxes to learn about what they do and hear the usual Crossfit speak about “community” and “you’ll love it” sales pitches.  Walking into a lot of these places brings a bit of anxiety, similar to being interviewed for a job. […]

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Shoes Make the Man, or Workout

I know this is just a marketing video on how Reebok changed the Crossfit shoe game.  But, as a marketer, it is a great piece of storytelling on how Reebok and Crossfit came together and the process to create a high level sneaker for the Crossfit professional and the out of shape 41 year old, like me, who wants to start and get back in shape.

So if you’re in marketing/advertising remember to be a storyteller first and the rest of the pieces of your marketing plan will come together.

If you’re into Crossfit and have found my blog, enjoy the story of the sneaker revolution from Reebok about something you’re probably wearing right now.


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New Gear? Why not!

I was always very particular about the gear I used when I was a tennis pro.  Shoes had to be the right fit.  Shorts needed to be lose enough to allow for movement and sliding on the courts.  Even the shirts I wore were probably a size higher to allow for full range of motion […]

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Research and Stalking

I had known/heard about Crossfit for a few years due to my workout buddies who were big into Spartan racing and Tough Mudder events.  As a family man, we have a membership to the local YMCA so that the kids could do swim classes and the parents would have the gym to keep up with […]

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